Who this course is for:
– Coffee drinkers who want to know more about Coffee
– Baristas looking for new knowledge about Coffee
– Coffee entrepreneurs professionally learning about coffee



Despite the scientific sounding term “Botany,” I think the course is simple, interesting and illustrative – it uses a lot of colorful illustrations and videos.
The materials outlined here are unique – you won’t find them online – ALL of the lessons in the course are built on my years of experience learning coffee and my personal system for putting that knowledge together. Believe me, it took me decades of work and thousands of hours of detailed study of a wealth of information.
I assure you that after taking this course, your level of coffee knowledge will rise to new heights.

What you will learn
– How the coffee bean works.
– Who are the “Soldiers” and “Butterflies”?
– Coffee “in the shade” vs. “sun coffee”.
– Why other trees on the plantation?
– Do coffee trees live to be 100 years old?
– How coffee hybrids are created.
– Arabica and Robusta: about the role of blends.
– How many chromosomes does a coffee tree have?
– “White coffee” and mystical Liberica.
– Exotic Polysperma and Arabusta.
– How is “Honey” coffee made?
– What is “Old” coffee?
– Typica vs. the Bourbon line.
– Harvesting: Picking vs. Stripping.
– Coffee Classification: Variety & Cultivar.
– Brazilian Naturals vs. Colombian Milds.
– Region: biology or marketing?
– Where is the “Coffee Belt” of the Earth?
– From the size of the bean to its density.
– Why is coffee drying so important?
– Processing methods: Dry vs. Wet.
– Fermentation secrets and Mayan mysteries.
– Basic defects in coffee beans.
– “Sour”, “Foxy”, and “Amber” beans.
– How does the size of the bean affect its flavor?
– Why is the peel more expensive than the bean?
– Peaberry: a defect or “Coffee Roe”?
– What does global warming do to coffee?
– “Coffee Rust”: the tragedy of coffee.
– Why does the coffee tree need caffeine?
– The role of certifications in the coffee world.
– Fair Trade, Organic, RA and Utz.
– “Cup of Excelence” – the N1 certification?
– What is real specialty coffee?


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