Who this course is for:
– People with a Love for Coffee
– Coffee drinkers looking for New Knowledge
– Professionals who work with History (tourist guides)
– Coffee lovers who want to know more about coffee



I assure you that after completing the course, your level of coffee knowledge will rise to new heights. And it will be very, very useful knowledge.

As one of the greatest coffee drinkers of our time, the great French writer HonorĂ© de Balzac said: “Study the past – it will teach you the future…”.

And I promise you that my lessons will be very BEAUTIFUL and INTERESTING.

What you will learn
– You will learn about the unknown legends of coffee’s origins.
– Walk the path of the coffee tree, the way it spread around the world.
– Understand the famous Moka, Geshir and Gahwa.
– Be able to structure the world’s major coffee formats.
– Learn how the Ottoman Empire became the world’s main promoter of coffee.
– Learn to distinguish “Oriental Coffee” and distinguish Turkish coffee from Greek coffee.
– Learn about the Ethiopian ceremony, the oldest coffee tradition in the world.
– Learn about such important but unknown beverages as Bicherin and Mazagran.
– Understand why Yuri Kulchitsky has become a true coffee legend.
– Learn the origin and real meaning of the words “Espresso” and “Barista”.
– Learn how England invented “tips” and America became a coffeehouse.
– Once and for all understand the complex term Speciality Coffee.
– Learn the history and the essence of the main coffee technology of the world – Espresso.
– Clearly classify all the “Coffee Waves” of modern coffee history.


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