Who this course is for:
– Beginning baristas
– People who want to become a barista at ANY age
– Baristas who want to learn how to make money
– Baristas with experience who want to start a new life in coffee



How do you make your little space capsule move forward in this galaxy of uncertainty? And so that it is not struck by meteorites of uncertainty, star rains of negativity, and the attraction of other planets convincing you that you “can’t make it”?
My course will answer these questions. And I’m sure it will help you find your own trajectory in the general chaos.
Let me tell you right away that I’m not going to tell you how to make coffee in this course. This you already master in the first couple of months of work in any coffee shop.

What you will learn
– How to Become a Successful Barista in the 21st Century
– How to Turn Love for Coffee into Money
– How Baristas Defeat Robots
– How to Become a Barista at Any Age



1. Welcome to Business. Where to start.

2. How do you turn your love of coffee into money?

3. thinking like an owner is a chance to become one.

4. How to count other people’s money so that part of it went to you.

5. Learn how to sell! Yourself and coffee.

6. Coffee menus are for profit, not beauty.

7. Supplier: How to turn your enemy into your best friend.

8. “Why should we drink coffee like the Italians…?”

9. Coffee Shiva: 5 specialties in one barista.


10. “Don’t listen to a marketer – become one!”

11. The focus is on the customer. Don’t miss the wave!

12. “You get me right”: undercover Speciality.

13. Not being like everyone else. In search of your uniqueness.

14. In unity is our strength. Aggregation in action.


15. Tradition and Fashion. Be careful with trends.

16. “Always think of curves!”

17. How to A/B-create properly.

18. Coffee with your name on it.


19. Digital at all costs (not the website!)

20. Social media: made – put it out there. Consistently.

21. How not to let negativity kill you.


22. How to defeat robots. Communication will save the world.

23. The question that will double your sales.

24. Age is no obstacle to happiness.

25. “Just Do It” is not a slogan.


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