Become Great with Coffee


Who this course is for:

– This course is meant for people who want to gain more knowledge in the world of coffee and latte art
– Beginning barista’s who want to level up their game and personal guidance
– Homebarista’s who would like to make some beautiful latte art at home



This course will start off from the beginning. We will start with the history of coffee, learn about the farmersplaces and continue with the importance of cupping. Furthermore, some brewing methods will be discussed and made and ofcourse we are guiding you through the latte art journey.

This course is a perfect start for people who want to learn more about coffee or want to start doing something into the coffee or people who want to improve in certain specific fields.

See you in the course!

What you will learn

– Being able to make the most beautiful pieces of latte art with little effort
– A deeper insight in the world of coffee and latte art
– A better understanding in different ways to make a good cup of coffee
– Being able to steam up milk the right way for latte art
– Access to a contact address to the barista’s from World of Latte Art for personal guidance


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